Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fresh and tasty

I am one of those people who keep going back to my favorite places in the city! So when hubby and I decided to go out for a lunch on Thursday..., of course I suggested that we would do the "favorites".

My recent frequent visit is the Sunset Junction in Silverlake - Forage and Pazzo Gelato... conveniently located next to each other and ReForm School for handmade items shopping.

Oh how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at the yummy deli over the counter at Forage... and tasting their freshly made food and refreshing drinks. Forage is a very unique restaurant where they "forage" harvest from neighborhood farmers and create menus that are true to local (with excellent taste... of course). I am so thankful that my friend Penelope recommended this place a while ago. When in doubt, I can always go back there!

After enjoying our food at Forage we usually like to "top it off" with gelato and do some people watching. Fashionable preggy lady with her friend (they totally gugu gaga over our little roo by the way), a mom with a cool stroller, a guy on a fixed gear bicycle... we got them all. This little corner in Silverlake makes us feel like we were in Europe... just little sunnier and more crowded with cars but still very lovely:)
forage + gelato in Silverlakeforage + gelato in Silverlakeforage + gelato in Silverlakeforage + gelato in Silverlake


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