Friday, October 29, 2010

Little roo Friday {babylicious 2.0}

My dear little roo grows so much everyday... but some day, the growth curve seems much steeper than any other days...

Since we came home from the weekend trip last Saturday, she has shown so much maturity in her, it is incredible.

For the longest time, little roo did not like to fall in sleep by herself. So our solution was to carry her in the baby carrier (we started with a ring sling, moved to a moby wrap... then a baby bjorne) until she completely fell in sleep. Moving her from the baby carrier to the crib was a huge challenge where we felt like we were playing a giant domino game. If we put her down too fast/soon, she would instantly wake up and cry. I swear to you... for last four months we were carrying her with us most of her awake time.

Well... since last Sunday I have not worn the baby bjorne. One day she just decided that she would like to go to sleep... armed with her favorite rubbit (we call her wu-sa-chan, little rabbit in Japanese) and a pacifier, I lay her down in the crib when she seems to be tired and voila... she is out in a few seconds. We couldn't believe this change for a few days... so we kept telling ourselves that it was just the day and might not be the same the next day. But for an entire week she has kept her record so now it's official!

Little roo is in her babylicious 2.0!

I am imagining that the world is starting to make sense to her. 

Aside from her awesome new sleep habit, she smiles and giggles more, reaches her tiny hands to my face, wants to play with a glass of water in my hand...  she is precious. I have always enjoyed being with her... but now more than ever, I absolutely treasure her company.

My little roo is my big happiness... and everyday I am so grateful to have her in my life.
little roo_1029little roo_1029


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