Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy birthday to my favorite twins!

I am so excited that I am giggling as I write this post.

Yesterday we were invited to a very special 1yr birthday party for our favorite twins!

I never (in million years) knew this before I had my little roo... but the first birthday is super important to mama and papa as the first 365 days with a new baby bring so many new challenges and discoveries... and x2 for twins!

The beautiful mama of two - Jane - is one of my dearest and closest friends... I love how our friendship have evolved over time to be something so extraordinary. She was one of the first person I called when I found out about our little roo (and we both cried over the phone...) and she was the girlfriend who patiently stuck with me when my labor stalled and drove across the town to meet my little roo when she was only a few hours old.

With their twins in their arms, Jane and Dale launched their new design biz, twelvezeroseven... and they keep pushing their creativity.

I admire them... truly...

Happy birthday to you, Jason & Luci!

... and happy 1 year parenthood to my lovely friends Jane & Dale.

Thank you for inspiring!

jason & luci birthdayjason & luci birthdayjason & luci birthdayjason & luci birthdayjason & luci birthday


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