Saturday, October 9, 2010

Little roo Friday {curiosity}

Little roo Friday Saturday!

I was totally pooped last night so this post got pushed out one day...

I think it's a combination of roo not wanting to sleep much... (thus we get very little sleep at night) and bit of mileage I am banking up on my running shoes. I was so exhausted yesterday... I finally got myself to the nearby Wholefoods to get iron supplements as well as fish oil and vitamins. Hopefully I will get my energy back today!

Speaking of energy, little roo is no short of baby energy... she is like a little diesel engine from a moment she wakes up. She is so happy in the morning with giggles and smiles... it's a joy to hang out with her.

Also she has been so so curious these days. Loves to grab things and (almost) put them in her mouth for a toy tasting. Few days ago I spotted her staring intensely at the bedroom window... there was a beautiful shadow effect created by the tree behind the window.

In her eyes... world must be so amazing... full of beautiful shapes and colors... and papa and mama. 


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