Friday, October 1, 2010

little roo Friday {many first/s}

Happy Friday:)

This was a very busy week for our little roo. She has explored the new world quite a bit... our friend's birthday party with DJ on the weekend, Kinokuiya book store and Japanese grocery store Marukai in little Tokyo, lunch at yummy forage followed by a lovely gelato in Silver Lake...

As her world opens up more and more, she is showing signs of growth... with many many "first/s".

Drinking from a bottle (thanks papa!), sitting up in her chair, falling in sleep on mama's lap... Every time she accomplishes something new, I can tell that she gains a small chunk of confidence in herself.

It is mesmerizing to witness the shift in her attitude.

She also cries less these days. Instead she communicates herself with yaks and waks. (I am not sure how to describe these baby sounds in English... do you know what I am talking about...?) I have a feeling that she has figured out that we can hear her even though she might not see us in the scene. So she yaks and waks until we get to her and respond to her needs.

Cute little thing...

This weekend we are heading out to the first birthday party of my friend's twin babies. They are little roo's best friends. I wonder these twins would be wearing their "original T-shirt" designed by their papa and mama:)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!
satchi - 10/01satchi - 10/01satchi - 10/01


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