Thursday, October 28, 2010

inspired by... {spooky story}

Growing up in Japan and Germany, we don't have a particular tie to American holidays nor cultural icons.  Thanksgiving, 4th of July... and of course... Halloween... My sister who is more into costumes (well... she is more Japanese than I am, I suppose) dragged me out to several Halloween parties over last 10 years but other than that, Halloween has been another day of the year for us.

Now we have a house in a little neighborhood and a daughter, friends have been asking if we would give candies to trick-or-treaters or dress up our little roo in the first costume...

Well. We don't really know yet. Most likely no to the first question and maybe we will put a cute hat with ears on little roo. We kind of decided that if we have time to decorate the house, we could use the time to go through the stuff in closet and garage... (are we too boring?)

But that does not mean we can not enjoy the Halloween decorating party at our friend's house! Last Sunday we had so much fun helping our friends' kids to decorate their front yard. Did you know that each corner must have a "special story"?  One corner became a graveyard and other corner was a chop shop!! I love the idea of the mini story as a vignette. This I can totally get into!
1027_spooky story


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