Saturday, April 2, 2011

family of three {mini Saturday adventure}

We are starting to have a nice rhythm for our weekend. Waking up and having a very laid back breakfast after all of us have slept through the night (hooray!) I take a walk with roo while hubby does some gardening... then we head out for a mini adventure!

Today we visited the weekly farmer's market in Silverlake. I am wondering how it's like to have a mini booth there for the baum-kuchen shop. I have no experience in doing this but I feel like so much of the story can be shared when customers are able to really feel the products inside and out... in person. I think that the crowd and vibe at this specific farmer's market is right for the shop... we will see. I am going to email the organizer to get additional info!

After doing some walking around and scoring freshly baked pastries and a few weekend dinner ingredients, we were off to good girl dinette in Highland Park where comfort Vietnamese food meets American diner! I love our humble culinary exploration in LA especially with little roo's company. She loved orange chopsticks and kept herself somewhat busy while we enjoyed our comfort food. The open floor with lofty high ceiling makes this restaurant a great hangout spot with lots of natural lighting! Their homemade-pop with freshly squeezed fruit was to die for too.

Weekend is definitely off to a good start!
kitchen reflectionSilverlake Farmer's marketSilverlake Farmer's marketGood Girl Dinnet, Highland ParkGood Girl Dinnet, Highland ParkGood Girl Dinnet, Highland Parkhighland park


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