Friday, September 16, 2011

Could you help us {finding place/s in South East Asia}

Speaking of travel..., we will have this awesome opportunity to really step away from our home for as long as 4 months when 2012 hits. (one of the advantage of having a husband who teaches full-time... sabbatical here we go!)

FB and I have been talking a lot about how/where/when/what about this potential adventure but nothing really concrete has been put on the stone. 

So far, we are thinking of minimum 2 months in Bali, a brief visit to Hong Kong then head to Japan for the cherry blossom season in April. But we need one more location to spend a month or so in between... for a reasonable price (and hopefully at a safe spot).

What do you think?? If you know any cool spot to have a home-away-home with 1.5 year old baby, please please let me know.  I would really appreciate your inputs!

Thank you:)


p.s. Our friends Erin & Court from Erin Hearts Court gave us a stack of Indonesian bills when we mentioned to them that we might be heading to Bali! Thank you Erin & Court. I promise we will spend it wisely:)


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