Sunday, September 18, 2011


Oh yes... outsourcing
It has been the buzz word in the design/business for a while. Yesterday I got to experience the effect of outsourcing in my own life and it was... (sigh)... amazing.

For the longest time, FB and I have been juggling everything house related on our own (roo care, gardening, cleaning, cooking, etc. etc.) Just taking as much as we can as time allowed.

But (as you have probably noticed from my (many) recent posts...), we both have been time deprived. Some people suggested a day care/nanny for our roo... but we're not quite ready to share this amazing privilege. But of course, we needed to make sure we could keep ourselves sane and continue delivering amazing results in what we do in our job.

So this was our solution. Let's hire a housekeeping lady.

It actually took us good few months to really go for it. I hesitated because I actually do enjoy cleaning the house. I get the feeling of devotion when I clean. After all this house has been our biggest investment in life and I like to really take care of it. I also love the zen-ness that comes from cleaning... but that usually only works when I actually have time.

So something had to give and it was either hiring a cleaning lady or giving up one morning out of my 1.5 work day that is dedicated to my shop related tasks... so that I could clean.

Yesterday was her first day. I was just getting home from San Jose as she was finishing it up. I can't tell you how happy it made me feel... to step in a (once again) a clean home. I think I told her that she saved my life.

I am just glad... that we're doing something about our time, schedule... and finding what works for us...

If you know any good time management strategy, let me know!


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