Saturday, September 24, 2011


thanks to our schedule and time management discipline, our weekend is finally starting to feel like a real weekend.

Today I spent most of the morning/afternoon hustling and busting the garage sale! It's funny because I was totally in my element setting up the sale display and being the shop owner. I got many great feedback on my display and sold most of everything from the shelf! Extra couple hundred bucks is always great for a budget conscious family!

Tomorrow we're going to have a very official 1st family gardening day! I am sooo excited! We're heading out to Home Depot to buy some rectangular planters to partition our backyard. We're using them to make a small courtyard close to our house. This way... we can focus on making the part of the yard pretty & picnic ready and let the rest to be what it is.

If we're lucky... maybe papa will make us some waffles like last weekend:)

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


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