Monday, September 26, 2011

obsessed... with our garden oasis!

I am absolutely obsessed with our garden right now (since yesterday)

but I mean... seriously obsessed.

It all started with our favorite secret garden where roo and I like to visit when we want some quiet time with great inspiration. I was looking at images from the garden the other day... and had a mini eureka moment that our garden might be big and overwhelming (physically and financially) to tackle everything at the same time..., but I can design a small area to be extra special!

So I came up with the plan that we can create a temporary partition with large planters and other movable props so that we can section the area close to the house to be a designated hangout area until we have enough resources to really tackle the whole yard!

I thought it was pretty brilliant!! I successfully convinced FB that we would have a family gardening day on Sunday! So that's what happened. Three of us went to Home Depot and managed to haul 6 large size planters (crazy heavy!!!), 3 bags of XL potting soil, 3 jasmine trees and 1 rosemary. Once I got all the props and little plants we've been growing in various sized pots, I was unstoppable.

I spent whole afternoon replanting all the plants into bigger pots, rearranging everything (and rearranging 5 more times to be perfect) and watering entire area. I was happiest I could be!

I came to the conclusion that I really love to be a potting gardener because it has so much to do with creating vignette as much as plants themselves. I suppose it would be the same when we plant flowers/trees into the ground but it's little too permanent for me. I love styling and re-styling the way plants look together in the corner just like the way I get obsessed with styling parties and details.

Now that we have invested some time and labor, I am totally crazy about our little oasis. I can spend more time outside... ! Summer has just began!!


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