Saturday, September 17, 2011

sending my sister off... to a great start!

This weekend has been about my sister. My younger sister who just finished her degree in business AND found a job she really hoped for. I know she worked extra extra hard to get this job so I am really excited for her!!

Her new job required her to relocate from Southern California where all of her family and many of her friends live to the heart of Silicon Valley.

She is only few years younger than me but became independent much much earlier than I did... so it's not like this is the very first time she moves away from us... But this is the first time she moves away so far...

It's little crazy to think... one month ago, she had no idea where her future would lead her and tonight she is settled in her new home 500 miles away from where she was living.

Isn't life crazy and beautiful at the same time?
In a way, I suppose... none of us really knows how things are going to be in a month. 

Few months ago, I found this article in my forever box that had been stored away for ages... I am sure that I kept it so that I would read it again when it's meant to be.

I think this it is for my sister today:)

Cheers to your amazing new beginning, Yuko!
-from your older sis

The beauty of Uncertainty
"Doubt is not a pleasant situation, but certainty is absurd." Voltaire

People with missing children. Children without parents. People without food or water. There are many who are destroyed by not knowing what the future holds. For those of us more fortunate, the beauty of uncertainty is that it motivates us to seek certainty. We are compelled to replace doubt with conviction, to replace confusion with clarity, to be more fearful of old ideas instead of new ones.

Nothing is more disparaged than the person who is lost, hesitant, and anxious. yet the true path to fulfillment comes from those conditions. Uncertainty becomes truly beautiful when connected with the certainty that there is a better life beyond the life that is known. The artist, scientist, entrepreneur, athlete, and traveler: all embrace uncertainty as their muse. What is going to happen next is more enticing than what is happening now. The thrill of anticipation, the mystery of the unknown, the open road, mistakes as portals of discovery, the inevitability of change, purpose from chaos, questions leading to answers, failure as the adventurer, the human being who is engaged in becoming.
The beauty of uncertainty is that it prepares us to embrace life in the face of death. Allows us the strength ot deal with the freedom to choose. To willingly exchange the fear of uncertainty for the security of certainty is to admit defeat. To surrender to the fear of actually living your life. As T.S. Eliot obeserved, "where is the life we have lost in living?" Nothing moves forward except by the graing to seek certainty from uncertainty.

"For without risk there in on faith, and the greater the risk, the greater the faith." Soren Kierkegaard


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