Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prepping for the 2nd pop-up shop! This time at Rosebowl Flea Market!!

Yesterday was our true Labor Day. Laboring over projects and work. We loved it:)

Since our big Rosebowl Flea Market debut is coming up in less than a week, I knew I needed to spend a good chunk of time preparing for the day. I am making some big and small improvements to our 10x10 baum-kuchen world based on what we have learned from the last pop-up shop.

Few things we're doing differently!
  • I got a brand new shop banner!! Now everyone knows that we're baum-kuchen:)
  • Using vertical space much more effectively! 
  • More tables = more space for all the goodies
  • Small sign which communicates that we gladly accept credit cards.
  • Visual moodboard to share different ways of customizing Traveler's Notebook (3rd photo below) - I am so excited about this!!! I created three Traveler's Notebook profiles based on the feedback I have received from different customers. Each board has special artifacts, inspirational quote, and a little index of how this person would customize his or her Traveler's Notebook.
  • Special arrangement for BRASS items. - these brass goodies are so petite... I noticed that they were getting lost between everything else during the last pop-up shop. So they will have their own little display area...  hopefully it is easier for everyone to find them!
It has been really hot few days so it wasn't easy to mock-up the 10x10 space on our driveway yesterday. (I think I drank 10 cups of water in a few hours...) But it's totally worth it! I now know exactly where every item will be placed on the table. All the items are packed neatly in boxes so we can load up the car on Saturday evening and launch the shop very quickly when we get to the Rosebowl on Sunday morning.

If you are in LA, I hope you can make it!

Our shop will be located right in front of the main entrance. I have a Facebook event page if you would like to get a timely update!


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