Friday, July 6, 2012

07:06:12 [160/365] - new generation?

Roo's latest thing is... whenever I snap a photo with my iPhone for Instagram, she dashes out to get her iPhone (old papa's phone), find her camera app then starts snapping away... She loves taking photos of her food and things around her that is picture worthy... and pretend to send the pic to papa's phone.

It's really cute.

We only let her use apps on her phone when we brush her tooth or at restaurants but she somehow connected all the dots and gives me a big smile with a proud grin and says "I will send it to papa".

She is definitely a new generation... and even though I was quite surprised to witness this, I am proud of her observation and synthesis skill.

p.s. On the very different parental note, "sleep" has become a very difficult topic for us. Ever since she moved from a crib to a regular bed, putting her to bed has become a huge drama (twice a day... everyday...). Tonight I gave up on the task... and asked FB to take it over until things settle down. I just don't have the kind of patience to lay next to her for one whole hour until she falls in sleep... I hope we pass this phase soon.


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