Tuesday, July 24, 2012

07:24:12 [169/365] - Bright Note!

Still in a bit of pain but I am trying to get through the day with some help from pain killer.

On the bright note, I am playing a lot with new mt Masking Tapes we have stocked!!  I am in the process of taking all the photos... getting ready to upload all the singlets to our shop!

As I unwrapped some of these new tapes, I was so happy with the color and washi textures, I could feel the new creativity flushing through my head! As I started shooting, one thought that came to me was..., "what if I shoot the tape with the artifacts that could have inspired the color!!" It was like deconstructing the inspiration!! It gave so much life and personality to these tapes and it was a lot fun to work with. Isn't it funny that an idea/thought flows when we are in action? This was one of those ideas that would probably never have come to me if I sat behind the desk.

Here are some of my favorites from the shot!


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