Sunday, July 15, 2012

07:15:12 [164/365] - weekend updates

It has been a super busy week/weekend for us... (thus bit of space between blog updates). Doing two markets/month has been very challenging for me so I have decided that I am taking a break from pop-up shop in August (it's way too hot to be out there all day in Southern California) and I will pick one market/month from September. Most likely I will be back to Rose Bowl Flea Market in on September 9th!

Yesterday I was at Keystone Row Street Fair in Echo Park. It was a pretty cool neighborhood. Very up and coming but still on the edgy side. It was a rather slow day... but it was fun to work with Jenn and Linda of Keystone Row shop and delighted to see my old customers... and of course meet new customers;)

Between helping customers, I managed to do some shopping for myself at my neighboring vendor, Tin Box of Curious Artifacts. I would call them a "treasure box on wheels" if I had a choice!! I just wondered in... not knowing what to expect and came out with two little goodies - one for Roo and one for myself. Wooden mama/baby elephants are for Roo's animal kingdom room... then I thought how fun would it be to have a wooden geometric necklace with funky birds on. Yeah... I know. This was a very strange and random purchase for me (which I usually NEVER do). Probably the effect of Tin Box. I figured I would have fun with this necklace and perhaps take the birds off someday to make it a very cool "just" geometric necklace. Love the black/white/natural color combo.

I spent the rest of weekend going to a yoga studio, enjoying our family Sunday lunch and lots of gardening. Tomorrow I am heading out to Videoshop (by Blogshop) in downtown LA. I am looking forward to learning some video editing skill on Photoshop!


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