Monday, July 30, 2012

07:30:12 [171/365] - three again.

FB was out for 5 days traveling South of France... attending his friend's wedding. When we get used to living with someone, it's so strange not to have the person there, right? So yeah. It was a strange and handful 5 days for me and Roo at home.

Tonight Roo and I drove to LAX to pick him up and Roo patiently waited for one whole hour for him at the arrival gate with me. While we were waiting, we talked about how his airplane was landing and he had to go through all the gates to be out... and we were going to give a big hug to him when we saw him. How her face lit up when she saw him was priceless and I am just so happy that we are one happy complete family again.

In another two days, I am repacking the suitcase to head out to Japan for a week. I will surely miss my family. I just know it.


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