Monday, July 23, 2012

07:23:12 [168/365] - Recalibration

Since I've been resting a lot in bed, I've had bit of time to think.

One question I have been toying around for a while in my head is, "where next??" I must ask myself this same question once a year... about where I want to take Baum-Kuchen next. I think it's so healthy to keep my soul in check... with what I do. This time the question was triggered by the thought of a physical retail space (am I ready ready??? are we ready???), an opportunity to consider an event styling (do I want to expand??? do we have time??) and the idea of developing more original products...

I knew I have been missing bit of creative juice here and there and the blog has been a bit of honest reflection. Do you feel that the content here has been dry since we came back from our big trip in April? I felt little bit so.

Anyways, I am starting to gather a concrete idea about where I stand now and where I want to be next. I have decided not to take a huge drastic change (so no retail space... "yet") but instead... focusing making what I have richer and more meaningful. Sometimes it's better to grow deeper than bigger, right?

I will share more details soon... please stay tuned!


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