Thursday, July 26, 2012

07:26:12 [170/365] - Dear future parents..

I often hear newly parents say..., "I don't remember how my life was like before the baby".

After having our baby for two years, I still feel exactly the same way... but I don't even think about the life before anymore (unless... of course someone asks then my head wonders...).

Few weeks ago, Roo's sleeping schedule become really difficult for us. She no longer went to bed by herself at 7pm... reading herself to sleep. (I know... we had it easy for a year or so...) Since she turned two, she has become to need our company much longer and much closer. It was hard for a while then we just got used to it. These days we have rearranged our schedule around so there is less expectations to get stuff done at night and instead we work little more during the day and FB and I try to spend our alone time by hiring a babysitter here and there. And honestly, I don't remember how my life was like when she went to bed at seven...

So yeah. Usually parents will tell soon-to-be parents "Life will never be the same... so do everything you need to accomplish before the baby" (which was exactly what FB said to our friends...) but then... the sentence should be followed..., "then don't worry because you won't remember how your life was before the baby anyways and it won't matter so much when you have this amazing person growing literally right in front of your eyes". 

p.s. I spent little bit of time with Roo at a preschool she will be attending from September... and I was quite surprised by how "busy" it felt in the classroom. Not because there were so many kids... but it felt like teachers were juggling the whole class from this activity to the next. Kids in the room never seemed to have enough time to really soak into something they felt interested as an individual. I know "structured play" is a part of the schooling and I am totally spoiled by how wonderful the school she is currently attending for the summer program is... 

But I am seriously wondering if this type of the environment would be right to nurture her creativity and curiosity... I don't know what to do about it yet but I know I need to listen closely to my mother instinct.


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