Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baum-kuchen studio/shop... coming soon!

THIS... is going to be one of the biggest and most monumental blog post we have ever had here about Baum-kuchen.


I am so beyond excited to share that we are opening the very first Baum-kuchen studio/shop!!

We are growing slowly but surely and opening a physical space always has been something we wanted to tackle someday in the future.

Frido and I were talking... perhaps 2014... in a year from now... after we feel more settled as a family of four...

So I thought it would be smart to do some research about leasing property in the east side of LA. before we really start looking. I called bunch of different commercial lease properties and quickly learned that an affordable commercial space that has little bit of a character to work with is hard to come by... THEN I stumbled upon this very special place.

When I read the description on the advertisement, I felt a gut feeling that it is something I had to see right away. Our friend Angie (who happened to be visiting us on the day), Roo and I made a spontaneous visit to the place, looked at it... and I knew that it was just meant to be. I have to tell you that I jumped and screamed when we got the news that they picked us to lease the space. The last time I felt this way was when I got an acceptance letter from Art Center!! (Has it bee more than 10 years??)

So here we are... one week later... planning our grand opening!

Our tiny and humble studio/shop will be located in Glassell Park (near the intersection of 5 and 2 fwy) and will be a part of a complex that houses art work studios. So far Frido and I have been brainstorming creative ways to translate our Baum-kuchen feelings into the real world, I am packing our office so we can get ready for the move and we just received the key to the space!

We will be soft-opening the space in September so please stay tuned for more updates!


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