Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last week

Last week felt like a transitional week... Coco is showing so much growth and it feels that she is gaining little bit of independence from me... which made me realize that it's also time to start taking care of myself little by little. I got much needed hair cut... and had time to see some friends throughout the week (with Coco... of course).

I feel like I am also doing a lot of outings with Roo on her home days. I used to prefer running errands by myself before Coco was born... but suppose it's all relative. It's so much easier to take Roo with me than Coco... so the current dynamics make me want to take Roo everywhere!

Frido and I are also working very hard to launch a new product right now... It's a little stationery which all started with a question of "what if...?" Hopefully in a week or so!


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