Friday, August 23, 2013

Last week...

It was last week of the semester for Frido... which meant extra busy days for me at home but we managed to squeeze some fun time with our friend Angie (and chat about life at a cafe!) and a big visit to the Art Center grad show with our girls. "Design, critique, craftsmanship, presentations, etc. etc." are all part of our everyday vocabulary and I am glad that they have a chance to be exposed to the creative world.

We also launched our Open-ended Love Letter! We used them as our "thank you" card to friends and families who helped us welcome Coco to the world... and we never received so many "thank you" for the thank you cards before... so we think it has a good promise! I am looking forward to sharing more about the card in another blog post:)

Aside from a product launch and daily operation, we are making some big decisions for Baum-kuchen... so I am doing my very best to keep my emotion in check (thank you Susan! It helped a lot to chat with you yesterday:) and stay focused to what's important.


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