Thursday, August 15, 2013

The flavor of summer

Earlier this year, Frido built a lot of beds for vegetable in our backyard. Just like anything... our vegetable garden has been try and error. We call the process "dynamic prototyping":)

To our surprise..., a lot of vegetables did not survive the first few months and never got much bigger than three inches... but one thing that really thrived is our German heirloom tomatoes! I suppose it is one of the easiest vegetables to grow for vegetable newbies.

For last few months, we have been enjoying all kinds of heirloom tomatoes and it has been amazing. The flavor these tomatoes have is undeniably better than the ones we get from our grocery store. It's like re-discovering what "real flavor" tastes like. I especially LOVE it when we pick our tomatoes in late afternoon and they go straight to our dining table. The tomatoes are still warm from all the sun they have been bathed in. I think this is how it feels like to taste California sunshine.

I am pretty sure you have see many tomato salad I am eating this summer via Instagram feed! I highly recommend it... with Burrata cheese... of course.


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