Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the background story of Open-ended Love Letter

We are really thrilled to share Open-ended Love Letter, our newest addition to the Baum-kuchen collection.

The Baum-kuchen products usually is born from our experience of needing something and not being able to find the perfect option in the current market. That's how our LIFE's Journey Measuring Stick came to life... and so as the Open-ended Love Letter.

When we welcomed our baby Coco three months ago (already!!!???), we have received so many lovely gifts from our friends and we wanted to make sure that we send thank you cards. When time came to look for thank you cards..., we asked ourselves a question... "what is the perfect thank you card?"

We love love love sending and receiving cards and letters in mail. The entire experience of finding a little envelope in the mail box from someone special, opening it carefully, reading it over and over and having it displayed on the desk, refrigerator and/or on an inspirational wall is so priceless... then the inevitable question of "what do I do with the card afterward?" comes up.

and that's when we stumbled upon the idea of chalkboard card. We love that what is written/drawn on a chalkboard is impermanent by its nature... making subtle suggestion that the message is not meant to be kept forever but cherished at the moment. And who wouldn't love receiving a card with chalk written message??? It's an instant smile maker:)

We sent these cards to our friends and we never received so many "thank you" gestures for thank you cards before...

I hope you enjoy it too!


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