Monday, August 5, 2013

My analogue system as of today

After seeing the last Baum-kuchen love letter, my friend asked me what my "paper system" looks like. So I thought it is only fair that I share my current analogue system to manage my schedule, to-do lists, idea capturing... and journaling!

Here is the list of all my notebooks.
I know... I use a lot of notebooks. It's hard for me to carry a big notebook with everything in it so I ended up delegating different tasks among multiple notebooks.

Below is the breakdown and more photos of each system!

MIDORI MD Notebook (A4 size / grid) with a leather cover
My friend thought it was bit indulging to use such a nice notebook for capturing to-do lists... but I am totally for it! Now our business is slowly growing, I feel it's so important to keep track of everything we do here at Baum-kuchen... and capturing ever growing to-do lists and crossing off what has been completed feels like a pretty good way to leave a trace. And a nice notebook makes me want to come back to the list over and over... making the system very sticky:)

I also love the large size format... because I have a lot of to-dos to capture.

LIFE Notebook (A5 / line) for journaling
I am starting to journal more and more on papers these days. My journal is messy and probably will make no sense when/if I read back but I am kind of okay with it. I think that might be how human brain operates. I have noticed that if I write, ideas and thoughts become clearer in my head. I've been using LIFE Notebook for last few months and I love it. The name of the notebook seems fitting... and I like how the paper works with my LAMY Fountain Pen.

Regular size Traveler's Notebook (Brown)
I have been using this regular size Traveler's Notebook for nearly five years. (it's pretty worn in by now...) The way I use the notebook has changed over time... but lately it has become a dedicated idea capturing location for all things Baum-kuchen related.

In my Card Holder, I keep some of the MIDORI Label Stickers as well as the card size MIDORI Double Sided Tapes so I can collage inspiration that I might come across. Because I brainstorm on multiple projects simultaneously, I go back and fourth between pages. In order to manage different projects, I am using a Brass Alphabet Bookmark as well as Brass Index Clips to tab on important pages. I have attached Large Pocket Sticker on the backside of the leather cover to keep loose items such as postcards and business cards.

Of course... I am using "everything happens for a reason" charm to keep things in perspective.

Since I have little ones, I have to share my bag space with kids' related stuff... so I downsized my "portable" Traveler's Notebook from the regular size to the passport size few years ago. Since then... I have found that the passport size Traveler's Notebook is perfect as an everyday wallet/calendar.  I use a Kraft File to keep receipt and loose items, Zipper Case (which also has card holders) to hold cash and cards, and a Monthly Calendar as my agenda book. My life is relatively simple right now... but if I get more meetings to coordinate in the future, I will probably need a bigger calendar to manage my time. But for now... I am happy that all my schedule fits in the tiny real estate.

I also carry a Pen Holder (M) and a Brass Ballpoint Pen with this notebook so I have at least one pen with me at all times.


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