Sunday, May 11, 2014

Adventure to Traveler's Factory in Tokyo!

On the last day of our Japan trip, we traveled from Kagoshima to Haneda airport and had about 6 hours to spend in Tokyo while we waited for our midnight flight back to LA... so we hopped on the train and headed out to Traveler's Factory!

Of course... just when we arrived to the middle of Tokyo, there was a surprise tornado like wind, rain and hail... (which caused one of the train track to completely malfunction.) Coming from such a laid back island... to the metropolitan city with two little ones was such a culture shock. Arriving at Traveler's Factory felt little bit like getting to the holy place.

Even though we only had 15 minutes or so to spend at Traveler's Factory, we managed to get few goodies to share with our Baum-kuchen community! So please stay tuned for Limited Edition items to be posted on our Facebook page in a few days! (if you don't use Facebook, please send me an email!

It was by far... one of the longest day we had but the adventure was still worth it! Thank you Lisa for spending the last bit of our Japan time with us... despite the totally beautiful chaos:)


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