Monday, May 5, 2014

Shizuku Gallery - a source of inspiration.

Few days ago... we visited our friends Kei-san and Yuko-san's boutique gallery Shizuku Gallery (shizuku means water drop in Japanese). Two years ago... when we were here, they were in the middle of construction and I remember feeling tremendously inspired to see something so special being made (literally) by two pairs of hands. My blog post's title for the last visit was: Potential.

I loved spending time at their gallery... both inside and out. The finished space was just as magical as I imagined two years ago... and more.

Creative energy is so much like ripple effects. I feel that way when we have a chance to talk to Kei-san and Yuko-san because they have the effect of ripple effects.

As I write two years ago..., "It is about creating, creating and more creating... it is all about our desire to produce and make something out of our life."

I can't wait to see where all of us would be in our creative path... when we see each other again!


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