Monday, May 5, 2014

Chasing a childhood memory... and holding it close to my heart.

We were talking about why this place feels so special to me...

We moved a lot when I was little... so we never stayed in one house longer than 5 years or so. When we moved from Japan to the States... it was the 8th time moving in my life. When I was little, I thought it was so awesome to move... seeing new things and making new friends. I still think those things are true... but I also noticed that I have very few places where I can call "home" as a physical landmark. My parents' current home in the U.S. (though it's lovely) is not really a place where I associate my childhood... and my grandparents' houses in Japan where I hold a lot of fantasy like memory... no longer really there physically. 

We visited my grandfather several times throughout our childhood. Even before this dome house was built... when he was living on a self-built warehouse like shack. It was different. It was free... and it was magical. Here... this location on the island is really one of the last place where it holds my sister and my childhood memory in a physical states... and it brings so much of the feeling that is not really explainable in words. It's there but behind where words and reasoning can reach but can only be felt in heart. 

Now Satchi is at the age where I remember myself "being", I feel like I am chasing my childhood memory through her lens... and I hold Coco really tight whenever we take our routine neighborhood walk... trying to share how it "feels" to be here. Smell, sounds... and the feeling that can not be seen in eyes. I know Coco won't remember this logically but I hope (or maybe I know...) that someday she will smell, see... or sense something similar... and feel very familiar. 


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