Monday, May 19, 2014

Seeing things in a new way

Until I finish posting all the special things from our trip to Japan, there will be back and fourth of home... and our trip in Japan. Totally confusing (sorry!!) but feels appropriate since I am kind of in the between place. Home and home away home.

A day after we got home from our 3 weeks time away, we were eating our dinner... and all the sudden our breakfast nook where we used to eat all of our meals as a family... felt bit too small. Maybe because my grandfather's biggest (and the best view) room was dedicated to the dining area but I felt like we couldn't move around very well in the breakfast nook space anymore. (you can see the photos of how we used to maximize our tiny breakfast nook on Erin Hearts Court's blog where Courtney shot our breakfast scene when Coco was barely 3 months old!!)

So we decided to take the dining area out and move it to where my studio used to be. In front of the deck... overlooking the garden. The current dining space looks really awkward right now because the table we are using is undersized for the space... and it's totally unfinished.

But I do love the new usage for our breakfast nook - a makeshift kid's corner. Frido brought out a vintage oven toy we put away since it had a sharp corner that was bit too scary for Coco when we had it on the floor. It's the perfect kitchen play area for Satchi! She also loves eating her snack there..., drawing and just relaxing when grown-ups cook in the kitchen.

It's a win win for everyone;)

I hope everyone's Monday is lovely!


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