Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Every good adventure ends with... new questions.

We safely arrived our home in Los Angeles on late Friday. Since we got home, I have been keeping myself rather busy... feeling the effect of our jet lag (x4 since each of us including our little ones) seem to go through jet lag in a different way). Mostly... trying to keep myself awake during the day and keeping up with day-to-day operation for both home and the shop and getting some rest at night.

Over last few days... I have watched myself going through a kind of decompression or debrief from our 3 weeks adventure. After seeing and learning so much from our stay in Yakushima, it's hard to go back to "normal" without questioning our status quo or just anything we do... here in the life of LA. I catch myself constantly asking and wondering, "what's next for Baum-kuchen?" while other part of me saying, "stay still... it's important to stay still until big waves pass...".

So I am doing both. I am freeing myself to ask big questions... a lot of it... and holding myself back from making any decisions or actions until it feels "right" to do so. It's hard because I am good in shooting myself forward... but not so good in feeling blinded or held back.

I do miss my time in Yakushima... this morning I was asking Satchi if she misses it. After thinking about it for a while, she brought me a cracker and told me that eating the special cracker in our home in LA will make me happy. I know... it's very sweet, right?

In a big picture, it's awesome that I am left with so many questions.  Every good adventure should end with a whole set of new questions... because travel takes us away from what we know and helps us see things. New things... that we didn't know existed. It's a pure form of inspirational investment.

So here I am... with the feeling that some exciting things are ahead of us and Baum-kuchen. I just don't know how it would look like (yet).


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