Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coco... you are one month away from turning ONE... and little bit under the weather in Yakushima!

Today Coco turned 11 months old! Only one month shy from turning one year old. It's a bit of a milestone... to celebrate in Yakushima. Unfortunately, she has been bit under the weather for last few days... (and both Frido and I have not gotten much sleep for last two nights to take care of Coco with fever...; thus luck of updates) but we were glad to see her feeling much better this afternoon.

We stayed most of the day at home giving her much needed rest while taking turn to take Satchi to the neighborhood adventure. We did make a lovely trip to Kei-san (he makes beautiful jewelry) and Yuko-san's (She paints beautiful... dreamy scene) gallery. 

Coco (despite her bit of running nose and cough) really was enjoying sitting on the grass in front of their gallery... then she took her VERY first step with the help of Frido. Nothing like baby chunky legs trying to make sense of the walking motion... She was proud and we were beyond excited to witness her "first":) 

Since we started traveling, her vocabularies (mostly English... not Japanese) have grown quite a bit. Mama, papa, good night, "inai inai"... We often hear her trying to call Satchi (not quite recognizable but always the same sound). I am pretty sure that traveling (and being together 24/7) with the family has been good for her language development:) 

Satchi has been a source of Coco's smile when she was not feeling very groovy. Satchi can always bring her a small smile to Coco by being there for her and with her... and it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy when I see that. 

It's hard to believe (or even imagine) that we have not met her one year ago... She is so part of us... and always will be. 

We love you, our coco-li!



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