Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nomado cafe on the island

Cafe culture in Japan is so fun to explore... the island cafes were not exceptions! We did not have a chance to visit our favorite Issou Coffee on the other side of the island this time... but we frequented Nomado Cafe which was really close to our home. They had a nice indoor seating area... but I think we loved sitting on their deck much more without worrying about all kinds of noises little ones make. Oh and their postcards selection... I sent more postcards from this cafe than anywhere else while we were on the island!

I loved the idea that when there was an in-between time in mid-afternoon..., to be able to say "hey, let's sit at the cafe and have some cake, coffee and little conversation...". I really miss the part of our rituals being back at home.

Maybe tomorrow that's what we should do!


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