Thursday, November 20, 2014

A pick-me-up coffee break

We woke up this morning happy... only to find out shortly after breakfast that Coco was under the weather. She threw up twice in the morning and it felt like a bit of war zone in our house between cleaning up after her and making sure that we don't get what she had. (there is a pretty contagious stomach flu that is going around at Satchi's preschool).

Luckily after we got through the morning, Coco seemed better and happier. Even taking some food without throwing up again and playing on the couch with Satchi. (phew...) Frido came home little early to help out so I took myself and Satchi for a little coffee break at Lavender & Honey.

Sometimes that's what we need, right? A little pick-me-up-coffee break in mid-day.

crossing my fingers that we will come out of this without cleaning and sanitizing more floors...



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