Monday, November 17, 2014

Bike around the world!

Satchi and I have been taking a bike ride every weekend now. I am pretty proud of us. From nothing to 6 miles! We do make a bunch of foodie stops along the way. From a special coffee shop to a gourmet creamery. But six miles is still six miles!

Living in Los Angeles where cars dominate as a mode of transportation... there are so many things to learn from riding bikes. Going through different neighborhoods, sharing roads with other bicyclist and pedestrians and being smart about what feels safe and what doesn't. This past weekend we upgraded our bikes with special stickers (more to come about these stickers!) and a lock with key!

After riding our bicycles, Satchi told us that she would like to travel around the world on the bicycle someday. I love that. Definitely ambitious but why not dream big?

Next weekend we ride again!


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