Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In mood for something merry to give? [For home nesters!]

For friends and family who is in tune with their living space and home. Yes. The person who can effortlessly make a messy room to feel amazingly curated and you wonder how...

Or maybe these gift are for your inner Martha.

1. SIWA Square Bag
For a quick grocery shopping or a trip to coffee shop. This bag will look fabulous being placed on the corner of her room when not used... as well as on the street being worn with Black Crane.

2. MINOTAKE Bamboo plate (large and small
A great companion for a salad, appetizer or a cake that can use natural tone back drop. It can also placed in a living room as a drop off location for keys, phones and other little things that goes in and out of the pockets!

3. MINOTAKE spoons and spatula 
Individually wrapped bamboo spoons and spatulas that will bring life to the table-scape. Little spoon is great for enjoying ice cream and triangle spatula is especially designed to scoop the last bit of delicious jam from a glass jar.

4. 4th-market Risotto Pan / Black
It can be used in the oven or on stove. If your special someone enjoys coming up with a creative way of cooking, this will bring a new fuel for inspiration!

5. Come home! magazine
The Japanese lifestyle magazine is full of visual inspiration and ideas for home and garden. A lot of great stories about organization and storage (as you can imagine how creative Japanese people get to maximize their limited home space!)

6. Aika Felt Works slippers
An instant effect to make home more warm and cozy. Aika's felt slippers are made and designed to keep your special someone's feet warm while giving a good grip to walk around the hardwood floor surface (and of course... carpet too:)

7. Aika Felt Works Cottage Bag
This felt basket (or bag) can bring so many functions! A laundry basket, a catch-it-all toy or magazine basket, an overnight carrier for a road trip! It's durable and well designed and can fit in so many interior style of the house.


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