Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In mood for something merry to give? [For Traveler's Notebook lovers!]

I sometimes get asked by our customers about what to pick as gifts. So I decided to create a series of gift suggestions based on feedback I have received from our previous customers as well as my own experience. First up is (of course) a gift for Traveler's notebook lovers. 



You know your friend/spouse LOVES her or his Traveler's Notebook. That's a great starting point in the quest of the special gifts at Baum-kuchen... because we have a lot of items small to big to make the Traveler's Notebook extra amazing. Here is a short list but you can browse the entire Traveler's Notebook collection for more inspiration. 

1. Traveler's Notebook: 
Regular size (Brown & Black)
Passport size (Brown & Black)
Yep. If you know that someone special pinned Traveler's Notebook on their wish list, it's definitely worth considering. They are packaged with a great presentation and definitely provide an amazing unwrapping experience. For someone who works in the office environment, black leather might fit better. For a person who loves to see leather age, definitely go with the brown one! 

2. Aika Felt Works Knitting Bag 
Don't be fooled by the name "Knitting Bag".  It is actually a perfect size for carrying a regular size Traveler's Notebook and a few essentials to run small errands. Osampo Bag is compatible for Passport Size Traveler's Notebook. The combination of felt with Traveler's Notebook leather is a match made in heaven (between Finland and Japan:) Probably more loved by women than men. 

3. 1.61 Dimensional Pouch. (Regular size & Passport size)
Also available in regular size and a passport size and are very unisex. It makes sure that your special someone's Traveler's Notebook does not separate from other life essentials like keys and your phone. 

4. Brass Book Darts
A great way to mark the important pages on Traveler's Notebook (and other notebooks/books like recipe or a guide book). On the lid, there is a choice of quote for "Get inspired" and "Begin your journey" so you can pick the one that feels most inspiring to the person you are giving. It is also a great stocking stuffer! 

5. Traveler's Notebook 2015 items
If you know the person is into organizing and planning the day, month and year, she or he might enjoy having dated calendars. Oh and Customized Stickers for 2015! A very universal gift for anyone who is in tune with their agenda!
Regular Size: Monthly, Weekly with memo and Weekly vertical.
Passport Size: Monthly, Weekly and Plastic Sheet

6. 1.61 leather inserts 
An instant upgrade to any Traveler's Notebook! They look great, feels great... and we have enough options so you can really pick what fits your special someone. 
Regular size:
[Essential]: For someone who uses Traveler's Notebook as a wallet
[Portfolio]: Need a little help for organizing loose notes, receipt, a sheet of stickers?
Passport Size:
[Essential]: A great insert to make the Passport Size Traveler's Notebook as a wallet.  Zipper portion can hold coins, extra credit cards and other loose items that don't fit in the card slots.
[Pocket]: For someone who uses Traveler's Notebook as a wallet but does not need the security of zipper pouch. It keeps Traveler's Notebook slim but functional.
[Portfolio]: Needs a place for keeping loose items organized?


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