Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Capturing everyday through Visual Bullet Journal

Since the beginning of this year, I have implemented Bullet Journal into my day-to-day operation. I seriously don't know how my life was run before Bullet Journal. First few months, I was using A5 format to capture everything then I switched the format to Traveler's Notebook so that everything was in one place and absolutely portable. After coming back from Yakushima in May and used bullet journal more visually to capture our travel, I wanted to incorporate the visual storytelling into the everyday. As I was combing through some old photos today, I found these pictures I took back in July.

As my bullet journaling has evolved since then, I need to do another update to where I am at with my analogue system in the near future... but I figured I would share the process from July. I think that the biggest change I made between the first format and this format from July is being more free in style. Bullet Journal tends to be list heavy (because everything is in bullet format by nature) and it was making me feel bit too rigid. I wanted to look back my Bullet Journal and still get inspired from the documentation. So I packed my Traveler's Notebook with monthly refill (TN017),  grid notebook (TN002) and [Portfolio] leather insert by 1.61. I also had Film Pocket Stickers (TN023) handy when I have a business card or little memorandum to keep. Using index page as original Bullet Journal suggested was a great way to keep track of all the pages for shop, family and everything else in between. I am continuing to use my portable printer from Polaroid to bring my photos to come alive. (Yep. All the Instagram photos included...)

To me it feels more like a representation of real life when my notebook has layers of bits and pieces from the days.

I have customers walking into our shop with their unique take on Bullet Journal and I get always very curious. How are you implementing your Bullet Journal to make it work for your life?? I would love to hear it so I can continue to get inspired!



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