Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brunch at Lincoln / Altadena

There is a new restaurant that opened up on the very east side of LA called Lincoln. We are so excited because it's actually in our neighborhood in Altadena, a little sleepy part of town with a great up and coming energy! There was a little write up on LA weekly (link here) and I am so glad that we tried out over the weekend. The restaurant is super family and dog friendly and has a great interior space as well as an ample patio space. We ended up eating outside at the patio even though it was a rather chilly morning because Coco didn't want to sit still (Yep. We are still in the phase) and joked that we might run into our friends. Few minutes after I said that..., we of course run into our good friends;)

I am on a mission to eat little more volume (a perfect timing for Thanksgiving holiday, right?). Since I tend to get really cold when I don't have enough food in my system. I am sure that there is something to do with my metabolism and a really busy schedule... Or is it just another good excuse to go back to Lincoln over the weekend:)

Thrilled to know that there is a plan for them to open dinner in January!

Go Lincoln!

p.s. When are you coming, Susan??


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