Saturday, April 25, 2015

Collecting inspiration

Since we just never know when weather turns and starts raining on this island, we tend to maximize our sunny day to the most. Satchi and Coco both LOVE water so we always head to the beach first... then combining few stops to check out shops and cafes. 

Seriously... cafe culture in Japan is so incredible. We stopped by Kiina, a small cafe that just opened last month in a tiny little village on the other side of the island. The owner transformed a part of the traditional Japanese style house into a cafe/shop including a small garden by herself and it was delightful. I always admire attention in details and how those small elements speak together to create a space, experience... and an ultimately an authentic voice. It was inspiring to feel what is possible in a small space. How comfortable a place can feel. I have been tinkering with the idea of Baum-kuchen cafe for a while. Wouldn't it be nice to sip a cup of coffee while you customize your Traveler's Notebook or browse a collection of curated Baum-kuchen library books??  

Afterward we took a long drive to see Kei-san, a jewelry designer at Shizuku Gallery. I am not a jewely person at all and really wear jewerly for meanings instead of accessorizing. I have been wearing 2 of his rings that signifie Satchi and Coco to me along with my wedding ring. Few weeks ago Satchi asked me why I don't have a ring that means "me" next to Frido, Satchi and Coco...  so I figured that it is time for a small addition to my ring finger. Neither Kei-san nor I know how this custom ring is going to look like yet but I trust his creative process and the energy he instill in his making. 

Stay tuned:) 


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