Monday, April 20, 2015

Safely here in Yakushima

So thrilled to share that we have safely traveled half way around the world... taking 3 airplanes and after 24 hours of transit, we have arrived to where my grandfather used to live. We purposely took red eye flight so that girls would sleep through the big chunk of the 1st flight from LAX to Tokyo. It worked brilliantly. Even though the girls were both definitely ready to get their wiggles out after being in a small seat for hours, they managed to keep their manners in mind most of the time. 

Our flight to Yakushima arrived very early in the morning so we then had a whole day with slightly disoriented state of mind... getting the grocery done, grabbing our first lunch on Yakushima at our our favorite Nomad Cafe. Then Frido's mom joined us from Germany... and we are a complete company for a week or so until his dad arrives. 

We had exhausted ourselves quite bit enough to sleep through the night (mostly). I am working couple hours/day and will be posting updated pictures from from our adventure:) 

 midnight... before our 1st flight. totally zoned out.
 The girls LOVED in-flight entertainment since they usually have very limited access to any screen time.
waiting for our luggages to come out at Haneda Airport. LOVING our Superior Labor bags. Such a great travel companion.
 Totally awed by the airplane.
 these three...

 arriving to Yakushima airport. Yep. It's a tiny airplane we take.
 The airport is so local that we simply walk into the airport after getting off from the plane. I love this:)

Enjoying our 1st visit to Nomad cafe!


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