Monday, April 27, 2015

Life happens unplanned.

Good morning from Yakushima. I went to sleep really early after spending the day with the whole family... Sun and good dose of incredible nature can do some good for the body:) In return... I am able to work early in the morning before everyone wakes up in this beautiful dome house. With our time difference between Japan and Los Angeles, Nerine who has been leading the fulfillment/shippment effort at Baum-kuchen and I can catch up over email. I am so fortunate that we could make things work fluidly this way without pausing Baum-kuchen while we are on the road:)

A day before yesterday my dad arrived here from Osaka and Frido's dad Michael arrived from his solo excursion around Japan. The night we invited my grandfather's best friend Makoto-san and Fusako-san to dinner and shared Sunday supper together. It was nine of us in the dome house... talking in German, English and Japanese... and I thought Jiji, my grandfather, must be looking over our shoulder listening to our conversations. To have our German side of the family plus my father in the same house with Satchi and Coco... on this remote island in Japan. Life brings such an interesting twist sometimes.

I look forward to going with the flow and see what each moment brings to us during our travel. Because life happens unplanned:)



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