Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scale of things... and how small things really don't matter in a big picture

Yesterday... while I worked, Frido and Heidi took the girls to the nearby rock beach. I looked at the photos Frido photographed and was so taken back by the scale of the nature here. 

We are taking things very slowly as we get adjusted to the Yakushima time. One small activity a day... and rest is mostly filled with a lot of downtime... journaling, writing postcards, making a maze for each other on papers and walking around the neighborhood. 

Last night I was journaling on my Hobonichi... and literally nothing came out of my brain. Yes. I was tired... but I think my mind was and is still going through the emptying process. Having much needed distance from things I contemplate about Baum-kuchen on a day-to-day basis when we're in Los Angeles. So many things I have been thinking and wondering about seem so small when we're here and it has been a great process to come up with new ideas, strategies and perspectives. 

Last few times when we visited here, there have been so much inspiration which has ultimately shaped some of today's Baum-kuchen. I am not sure exactly what I will get out of this trip this time "yet" but I am letting the path take its place... knowing that I will go home with something. 


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