Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Traveling to Yakushima (and shop schedule update for next 3 weeks)!

For next 3 weeks, we will be making our annual visit to the island of Yakushima in Japan. (You can browse our experience from past trips from this link:)  This is our 4th time going back to this very special place in our life and we can't be more thrilled. Okay... honestly I am very excited but also slightly freaked out at the same time... from the idea of getting ready for the trip, leaving the shop/studio for that long and from all the other things that come with travel. But Frido has been incredible in taking the lead in getting the family ready... and I am trying to focus on wrapping up few things here in the studio before we take off.

The great news is... that our amazing Nerine will be in the studio on Mon/Wed/Friday opening the shop (between 10am-1pm on most of the days) and fulfilling online orders in a timely manner. You can always check the updated shop calendar here. So just like everything else in life... Baum-kuchen will be okay without me being here for 24/7... 

On this trip, Frido's parents are flying in from Germany to meet us on the island. It will be such a treat to experience a place that is so close to my heart with them and for Satchi and Coco to spend quality time with all of us together. I have a few creative projects I want to work on while I am away... and Frido will be finishing up the Yakusugi projects (Yakusugi is 1000+ year old cedar unique to this island...) which he started last year. We will most likely have a descent internet connection even though it's a remote island so I am looking forward to sharing my travel experience here on our blog as it unfolds. 

Please know my email correspondence will be bit slower than usual since I will only be checking in with internet once/day or every other day (and who knows what might be our jet lag condition with kids for a few days...) so please expect slight delay in our correspondence starting this weekend. 



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