Thursday, April 30, 2015

inspirational Investment day with Satchi

Today Satchi and I took a trip via bus to Miyanoura harbor, the biggest town on the island. The bus was coming every hour... and it took another hour to get to our destination... I think it was well worth it. On our way to our bus station, rain came down very hard so we sat in the little bus station shack for a while... just listening to the sound of rain, watching trees moving and cars going by. It reminded us of a scene from Totoro movie which we so love. Then the rain stopped and sun eventually came out. I enjoyed having some quiet time with her and watching the landscape of the island from the bus. It was quite lovely. 

Our destination today was a ferry building... 2nd floor... a newly opened (on 4/25!) cafe Yuki-Koke-Ya. Everyone we knew from the island was talking about this special cafe and adjascent shop Niti gu. There is something truly romantic about a cafe at harbor... the ocean breathe, the sound of ferry arriving... and travelers with suitcases full of hopes and dreams. 

I came home with a pair of glasses from glass artist Shiho Hayasaki and coudln't be more thrilled when I saw how water looked inside of the glass. Just perfect:)


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