Saturday, April 18, 2015


It's always surprising to look back a month and realize that so much has happened... and so much of what happened was born out of the process instead of it being a destination. We celebrated our very first Inspiration Lab with Eunice Roe (@thedailyroe) on April 5th. The weeks leading up to the gathering required labor of love between Eunice and myself... I enjoyed every single step we took to craft a unique workshop we shared with amazing guests. I felt truly inspired by a community we were so honored to be a part of.  There are a lot of follow-up Inspiration Lab conversations that are happening right now... that are fueling what might be next to our Baum-kuchen adventure. 

I have never been the person who plans out everything in life. My process evolves around dreaming high and full with a gut instinct... and setting my mind to get there while figuring out how I actually could get there through the process... I believe in pouring all my soul and heart into the journey knowing that the outcome might be different from what I originally anticipated but something valuable always comes out from the process. To be honest it is exhausting and scary not to have a manual that plots my exact path in front of me. I sometimes come home drained and exhausted not because there is so much to do (and it is true that I never not have things I need to wrap up at the studio) but more from the hats I never anticipated to wear five years ago when I created Baum-kuchen. 

As a part of the Inspiration Lab Analogue Box, I asked Eunice if we could make a Baum-kuchen/@thedailyroe sticker with a quote written in her beautiful watercolor calligraphy. 

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."  - Albert Einstein

This quote keeps me going no matter how crazy and out-of-reach some of my ideas for Baum-kuchen feel like today. Because we never know where our imagination might take us until we actually try it out and take those scary steps. 

I hope your spring has been a season full of new seeds for what's next. In courtesy of Eunice, we will be including this sticker in our packages for a little while so we can share a piece of our Inspiration Lab with you. I hope it brings much inspiration to your everyday as it has for me.


p.s. see you soon from Japan:) 


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