Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual goose dinner

It's the goose time of year!

Yesterday was our annual goose dinner at our home. This is like our version of Thanksgiving. Big bird, lots of stuffing, red cabbage, wine and friends... every year in December. Hubby does all the cooking except the dessert (to-die-for mousse de chocolate is usually made by his best friend) and I am in charge of the table and little gift goodies.

This year's dinner table was especially sweet because it hosted 5 kiddies including our little roo (it's her first:)... all under the age of four. So needless to say, it was very different from any other goose dinner we have had before.

The table was set up outside in the middle of our backyard and we started very early... around 2pm. It was definitely more like play & dine... and more play. The theme of table had the right vibe. (although kids were little too young to play with these props on the table... they were more interested in the garden tools and big bush) Hosting a big dinner like this feels little bit like wedding. Prep work is as special as the actual feasting...

The food was delicious. The goose came out perfectly... crispy outside and juicy inside. Stuffing was sweet and earthy. Red cabbage was so addicting... and between chasing the kids here and there, grown ups had nice time catching up with each other and sharing stories from the year...

I was pretty handful with little roo when food was served so no photos of actual yumminess but here are some pics I was able to snap before the guests arrived!

Now we have finished our big day of the year, I feel like we are ready to close the 2010!

by the way, I am so looking forward to munching on the left over tonight. mmm... yum:)
goose dinnergoose dinnergoose dinner


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