Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quiet morning... thinking about 2011

It's amazing to see how quickly a baby can adopt to the new environment. After two days of slightly painful nights with long (and loud) cry, little roo has eased into the new time zone... while I am still enjoying the ride of jetlag... we have a very little agenda of what needs to be done here other than spending time with family so I am taking random naps with little roo during the day and waking up few hours at a time in the middle of night and early morning.

I especially love the quietness of early morning. It's all white outside with fresh snow from the night before and the light from outside is bouncing off from snow making the air feeling especially crisp.

It's perfect time to let my mind wonder... and project the thoughts towards next year.

Have you thought of the goals/resolutions for 2011...? I am still working on my list but once it is complete, I will share it with you.
white on whiteP1000533


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