Friday, December 10, 2010

GIFT like no other

How are you doing in gift preparation for holiday seasons?

After years of try and error in gift giving, we came up with criteria/s for gifts we give to friends and families... so that we stay focused on the meanings of gift giving tradition instead of just giving stuff  for the sake of giving stuff.

One of the main priority we talked about was, "it is something meaningful and the person can not buy this with money"... which entailed to more handmade/craft combined with resources available online.

So since the beginning of this month, being a little elf for my Santa Clause has been my night time job after little goes to bed. Many nights of brainstorming then executing... Some things are slowly coming together and I am really excited about it:) Once I am done making them all, I will share the special goodies with you!

But for now... here is a few snapshots from my desk this morning.

Happy weekend to everyone! We will be cooking our annual goose tomorrow and celebrating the season with our close friends and their kiddies.
holiday giftsholiday gifts


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