Sunday, December 12, 2010

little roo Sunday {6 months}

Our little roo turned 6 months old on Saturday!
In the "baby year", six months is huge! She has grown absolutely beyond my imagination. She is chubby and happy all around:)

We enjoyed a picnic in our yard this afternoon. She is a happy baby in the sun. Loves to look up at the trees... moving with the rhythm of wind. She is little bit scared of our pup Shep right now but I am sure they will warm up to each other and become best friends.

Tomorrow she will be coming to school with papa to provide guest critiques to our students. Well... actually papa is doing that... and little roo will be his side kick! I love that she is already growing up in this creative design culture:)
6 months old!6 months old!6 months old!


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