Sunday, December 26, 2010

world covered in snow

Coming from sun-kissed Los Angeles, Hamburg has brought a nice change of scenery for us. Lots of snow and below freezing temperature. I am not very good with cold when it is the everyday thing but I do love it for occasional joy.

We took a brief walk around the park yesterday... Everything was covered with snow and was absolutely gorgeous.

Do you think snow does some magic to the world? I think everything becomes so much quieter when there is snow around us.  Maybe because snow absorbs a lot of noise or maybe people rather stay at home when it's so cold outside.

Asides from some of the inconveniences we have accumulated due to the snow (canceled flights and delayed delivery of our luggage), I am in awe with this snow covered fairly tail world.

snow in hamburgsnow in hamburgsnow in hamburgsnow in hamburg


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